The Pursuit of God (Paperback)

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Tozer provides a simple blueprint for living a life closer to God.

The Pursuit of God is a deeply spiritual book that focuses on forming a relationship with God. In the first chapter, Tozer suggests that in order to know God, one must strip down to the bare necessities and focus entirely on the pursuit. Although putting God first can be difficult, Tozer asserts that doing so will effectively bring God into one's life.

The book makes several references to the Bible, and it discusses some of the main points in eloquent detail. In order for God to be a part of one's life, all selfishness and desires must be put aside. Having too many belongings and desires can put a barrier between God and the individual. Tozer states that since God is everywhere, individuals must always have God as the top priority.

Through loving God, the individual will naturally love themselves and others without selfishness or pride. The burdens of pride and selfishness, as well as any other burdens, are meant to be freed by coming to Jesus. The book offers a real look into Christianity, as well as explaining conceptual elements in the pursuit of finding God.

A.W. Tozer was a self-taught pastor and writer. As a young man with no formal education in theology, he was nonetheless offered a position as a pastor. For the next 44 years, he served as a spiritual leader to his congregants and wrote books, essays, and articles to share his faith and lead others closer to God.

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