Autophagy: Learn How to Activate Cellular Recycling Process That Cleans Out Damaged Cells Using Intermittent Fasting and Ketogeni (Paperback)

Autophagy: Learn How to Activate Cellular Recycling Process That Cleans Out Damaged Cells Using Intermittent Fasting and Ketogeni Cover Image
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Do you want to learn how to best activate metabolic autophagy mechanisms and how these could improve your life? Are you interested in learning the various types of autophagy, and understand which of these works best for you? Do you want to understand how ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting could increase autophagy?
Autophagy is the body's way of getting rid of the damaged cells so that newer and healthier cells can be generated. "Auto" means self, and "phagy" means eating. So the word autophagy, when translated, actually means self-eating. Autophagy is nothing but a self-preservation process, which has evolved over the years.It is the process by which the body removes the cells which are not functioning and also recycles them for cellular repairing and cleaning. The primary function of autophagy is to remove the debris from the body as well as self-regulate to the process of optimal functioning.The benefits of autophagy are many. It is the most exceptional mechanism to reverse the process of aging. The best way of changing the biological clock and giving birth to new cells. If increasing the lifespan is one of the objectives, autophagy is one of the best mechanisms.

The benefits of pathology include:

  • Recycling residual proteins

  • Providing the required energy and the building blocks for cells that will benefit from the repair

  • It induces regeneration and healthy cells

  • It also removes the toxic proteins from the cells that are responsible for neurogenerative diseases like Alzheimer's and Parkinson's

The process of autophagy is getting much attention from the medical world due to its capability of treating or preventing cancer. All cancer cells are defective. The method of autophagy should target these cells and remove them from the body. The autophagic processes are capable of removing the cancerous cells.
Some diet changes can help in the process of autophagy. Intermittent fasting and ketogenic diets can boost the autophagic process.Till now, fasting is the most effective process for helping autophagy. There is a lot more to learn about autophagy, and a guide in this regard will always be helpful. This Book is a great source to learn more about the benefits of autophagy as well as the ways by which it can be boosted.

You will also learn

  • What Is Autophagy?

  • Autophagy Mechanism

  • Autophagy Regulation

  • Autophagy Types (Macro and Micro Autophagy)

  • The Benefits of Autophagy

  • The Risk of Autophagy

  • How To Activate Autophagy

  • Role of Autophagy in Cellular Processes

  • How Long Do You Fast for Autophagy?

  • The process to Initiate Autophagy

  • Relationship between Autophagy and Ketosis

  • Relationship between Autophagy and Intermittent Fasting

  • Autophagy and Ketogenic Diet

  • Autophagy and Intermittent Fasting

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