The Voice Clinic Handbook 2 Ed (Hardcover)

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By Tom Harris (Joint Author), David M. Howard (Joint Author)
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The new, second edition of The Voice Clinic Handbook has been completely updated and expanded, largely rewritten, and features contributions by world-leading voice practitioners from laryngology, voice therapy, osteopathy, singing, psychotherapy, and voice science.

Following the principles set by its acclaimed predecessor, the new edition is a manual of good practice in the voice clinic - from measurement and instrumentation, through evaluation and treatment, to considerations for special populations, including singers and voice professionals. Divided into three sections, Part I provides an outline of the structure and function of the vocal tract, Part II addresses common treatment modalities, and Part III outlines the equipment for measuring voice: uses and limitations.

The Editors have deliberately steered away from filling the book with everything there is to know about the management of voice problems. This is about practical, everyday management of voice and has been carefully and deliberately designed following feedback from voice clinic team members on what they have found useful and what works best for them. It is not intended to be a cover-to-cover read; it is more for dipping into in order to inform your own speciality or even clarify what it is that your colleagues in other specialities have to offer. In short, it contains pretty much everything you need to know in your everyday clinical practice.

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ISBN: 9781909082212
ISBN-10: 190908221X
Publisher: Compton Publishing Ltd
Publication Date: March 15th, 2018
Pages: 418
Language: English