Evaluating the Effectiveness of Voice Therapy: Functional, Organic and Neurogenic Voice Disorders (Paperback)

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First published almost 17 years ago and in demand throughout, Evaluating Voice Therapy: Measuring the Effectiveness of Treatment was one of the first books to address the need for a robust evidence base for the treatment of functional voice disorders.

Now re-titled, and with a team of expert collaborators, this second edition addresses the major advances in the evaluation of treatment of a range of voice disorders. The book is almost doubled in size and still retains the practical appeal and hands-on value of its predecessor. The book is organized so that voice clinicians and researchers will be able to quickly locate and understand the evidence base for specific client groups. A number of core chapters are retained and re-written and there are five major chapters that identify, summarise and critically appraise the

literature pertaining to voice therapy efficacy for functional voice disorders, vocal nodules, organic voice disorders, unilateral vocal fold paralysis and voice disorders related to Parkinson's Disease.

'This remarkable book serves several purposes. It presents evidence upon which treating therapists may formulate session plans with maximal cost efficacy, while pointing the way to evaluation of the relevant outcomes, in the context of what is already known... it] offers a comprehensive toolkit: literature appraisal; skills acquisition; highlights of key existing papers; and benchmarks against which to assess one's own practice.'

From the Foreword by Janet A Wilson, B.Sc., MD, FRCS(Ed), FRCS(Eng), FRCSLT(Hon)

'...an invaluable resource.... It provides an extremely logical and coherent approach to this topic and it] provides a wealth of clearly presented information about the current state of the evidence for voice therapy effectiveness...'

From the Foreword by Robert E. Hillman, Ph.D.

'Voice therapy has come of age, and this book, as well as clearly laying out ways of treatment and research, is a wonderful celebration of this moment in time. I know both serious and casual readers will quickly join the party'.

From the Foreword by Martin Birchall, FRCS.

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