Inside the Cold War (Paperback)

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As you read about the CIA smuggling U.S. Bobsled coach Shawn Murphy back into the Soviet Union to retrieve documents containing technology that would give Americans superior naval power, "No interruptions please," as you read about the CIA smuggling U.S.

Experience thrills, chills, and romance as a dangerous mission turn into a disaster after Murphy locates the documents but is betrayed, leaving him imprisoned behind the Iron Curtain with no apparent way out.

This fast-paced novel takes the reader from Lake Placid, New York to Langley, Virginia to Leningrad, USSR, as the FBI and CIA strive to break the Mafia's ties to the Olympic sport of bobsled. A seemingly unbelievable connection to the sport nearly bankrupted the Bobsled organization.

The CIA has a serious predicament. They can't let the Soviets catch Murphy and take the technology, but can they afford another international incident? Time was slipping away. Without the consent of the authorized authorities, a life-or-death decision had to be made

Inside the cold war, a sequel to his previous fast-paced novel transforms the turbulence around the United States Bobsled Federation into dramatic international intrigue. When Associated Press reporter Chris Carola wrote in a wire story in 1990, he had no idea how prophetic he was... He was referring to the uproar around the United States Bobsled Federation, and he hit the target...dead on.

Just when you believe you've got a good plan for the mission and know what's going to happen...Another twist occurs when a double agent jeopardizes the plan's success. The action begins on the first page and continues to the very end

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ISBN: 9781956095388
ISBN-10: 1956095381
Publisher: Crown Books NYC
Publication Date: March 1st, 2022
Pages: 278
Language: English