Law School Essay Rules 2021: Just the Rules, Just What You Need (Paperback)

Law School Essay Rules 2021: Just the Rules, Just What You Need By Ed Aruffo Cover Image
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Law School is widely known as one of the most difficult courses of study in the United States, as well as around the world. Law students are required to memorize massive quantities of law, frequently written by some of the the world's best authors - the Justices of the United States Supreme Court. Mining the rule of law from complex Supreme Court decisions is no easy feat. Enter Law School Essay 2021, a concise, all-encompassing reference to the rules required for passing most law school essay examinations. Sorted by essay topic, this book balances the need between containing all required elements and trimming to the most succinct format possible with one goal in mind - compiling all of the necessary rules in a format that is easy to read, easy to remember, and easy to regurgitate. If you are in law school, you need this book, and can expect it to be your constant companion as you prepare to write out your rule statements. The rules in this book cover the 13 subjects included in most curriculums, making it your one-stop-shop for the most important part of your examination preparation. Law School Essay Rules is just the rules. And that's just what you need.
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